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Tupperware's Black Series Cookware dramatically improves the most important aspects of your cooking experience. It features the longest-lasting non-stick coating in the market, so your cooking and cleaning will be such a breeze.

So versatile you can use it on any stovetop and even the oven. Whether you're looking to fry, sear or roast, you can rely on the Black Series to do a fantastic job.

  • The Casserole Pot is ideal for braising and long simmering over low heat, roasting, sauteing and reducing liquids for sauces. 
  • The 28cm Fry Pan is the most versatile workhorse of the kitchen.

With a generous surface area, big enough to cook for a family, the flat base and shallow sides of the pan provide the best shape to sear, brown and frill meats and seafood quickly and easily.


  • Featuring Eterna®, the longest-lasting non-stick coating in the market
  • Superior heat distribution, so your food cooks evenly every time
  • The Black Series  cookware is certified to be free of PFOA, lead and cadmium, which are highly toxic substances used by other cookware brands
  • Oven Safe
  • Suitable with all cook top surfaces - Electric, Ceramic, Gas, Induction 

Use and Care

  • Avoid high heat when cooking as it may damage the non-stick coating overtime
  • Metal utensils and sharp objects will easily scratch and ruin a non-stick pan surface. Use our Kitchen Tools or Silicone Spatulas instead
  • Use a microfiber kitchen towel or non-metallic sponge or brush to clean. Make a paste of equal parts baking soda and water to clean tough stains
  • Always hand-wash to preserve the life span of the cookware
  • Hot water and harsh detergents used in a dishwasher can ruin the non-stick coating

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